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Feeling confused, stuck, stagnant, or unsure how to move forward in your life?

I am Rev. Ann Rene and Soul Song Healing Guidance is the name of my healing and teaching practice.

I am a seasoned holistic healing arts practitioner, author, artist, rainbow witch, and teacher with over thirty years of professional experience.

Additionally, I am a starseed channel of light languages, light codes, ascension codes, and galactic communication.

I empower and engage through heart centered lightwork. I offer life changing intuitive insight and transformative energy medicine that act as a catalyst to healing, enlightenment, ascension, and spiritual growth.

All of which help you connect with the song of your soul, your heart center, and your true self.

Ann Rene - Empowered Goddess

What is a Soul Song?

The song of your soul is the unique energetic encoding of your heart. The frequencies of which speak directly to the individual pure essence of your spiritual being. Receiving your soul song activates remembrance of your true and authentic self. This in turn accelerates the ascension process, energetically repatterns your DNA, and directly connects you with your crystalline light body.

Ideally your soul song is expressed through you during your earthly incarnation time. When you recall the song of your soul, you gain the capacity to embody your higher self and soul’s path of purpose. You are then able to express the healing gifts you came to share with the earthly world, fulfill your soul’s mission, and consciously ascend into a higher level of energetic existence. 

What is Light Language?

Light language is a form of energetic communication within the universe of which there are many dialects.
When these frequencies of light are channeled within the earthly realm, they express as various vocalizations, written symbols, artwork, codes, tones, song, body movements, or hand gestures.

The light languages are the pure essence of love and hold an extremely high energetic vibration. These powerful energies are deeply healing and a catalyst to growth, enlightenment, and the ascension process. 

How Can I Help You?

I have helped support the healing journey of hundreds of souls over the past thirty years. I have facilitated and empowered a path back into their authentic self, inner strength of knowing, natural healing capacity, enlightenment, and a more balanced state of being on all levels.

My extremely unique approach to holistic healing, energy work, channelings, and teaching facilitate energetic harmony, empowerment, a balanced sense of well-being on all levels, transformational life changes, whole healing, restoration of inner intuitive connection, and a better quality of life. Empowered support is always provided that facilitates energetic harmony on the physical, emotional, mental, heart, spiritual, and psychic levels.

I understand that many times finding a good match in a healing practitioner or teacher can seem like an insurmountable task filled with confusion and uncertainty. Many times, one of the biggest challenges to this process is building a sense of trust and safety. I recognize that allowing yourself to trust and feel vulnerable does not come easy. Please know this, if you are feeling called to begin your journey into spiritual health, intuitive empowerment, enlightenment, ascension work, and energetic well-being, I am here, and would be honored to support you. It is possible to create and live the life you have always dreamed of, and you don’t have to do it alone. 

  • Energy Healing Sessions
  • Guided Meditations and Healing Journeys
  • Holistic Healing Support Tools
  • Intuitive Guidance and Spiritual Counsel
  • Local Learning
  • Practitioner Support and Mentorship
  • Soul Song Art

Empowered support is always provided that facilitates energetic harmony on the physical, emotional, mental, heart, spiritual, and psychic levels.

Featured Services

I love learning and teaching! After all, that is why we come here. I believe that within any given experience we are all both student and teacher. We are all equal and have the same intuitive and energetic capacity. In my classes, courses, and events, I share from my vast experience, trainings, and the knowledge I have received from the higher realms of being, channelings, my guides, and my energetic journeys.


I offer both in person and online remote individual sessions. Each session facilitates empowerment, harmony, balance, and well-being on all levels. I create a space of holistic, energetic, intuitive, and spiritual support that encourages your innate natural healing capacity, confidence, ascension, and inner strength of knowing.


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