November 29

Big Changes Ahead

2022 was packed full of major and significant personal shifts and changes in my life. These changes have been a catalyst to clarifying my professional path as a healing arts practitioner and how I may best be of service moving forward.

I now, and always have been, guided by Spirit. I have done my very best to allow that Spiritual guidance to flow through my life unencumbered. Moving me where I was called, needed most, and could be most supportive within my expression of my life’s purpose here within the Earthly realm.
Spirit has called me to move into the next phase of my healing arts work. It is time for me to shift what I offer and the work I do into a place that currently better supports the healing of the Great Mother, all Her sentient residents, and the highest and greatest good of the All.


The spiritual evolutionary journey of humankind and the planetary ascension energy has, and continues to, greatly accelerate on an individual and collective basis. This accelerated planetary shifting requires a change in the type of healing support being offered. One that meets the current energetic state of being within the physical world and additionally supports the ascension of the human condition and collective consciousness.

With the conclusion of the harmonic concordance, it was made crystal clear that the time has come to move my channeling capacity and my practice of the craft into a unified forefront within my healing and teaching practice. Basically, Spirit has very strongly guided me to embody my healing capabilities fully, totally, and completely.

From these realizations and guidance came the understanding that not only did my healing practice need to change, additionally, my business name needed to change to more clearly reflect the healing work offered moving forward. And Soul Song Healing Guidance was channeled and birthed into existence.

So, what is a soul song?

Your soul song is the energetic Light language and vibrational encoding that speaks directly to the individual pure essence of your Spiritual being. Ideally your soul song is expressed through you during your physical incarnation time. When you recall the song of your soul, you gain the capacity to embody your life’s calling and soul’s path of purpose. You are then more easily able to express the healing gifts you came to share with the world, fulfilling your soul’s mission.

I provide healing guidance as I channel and translate the Light language and Light codes of your soul song on your behalf. I do so through vocalizations, written symbols, hand movements, and artwork. This form of energy work provides powerful healing and life changing guidance directly from Source. The remembrance of your soul’s song imparts a potent energy spirit medicine that must be balanced with physical world support. That is where the plethora of other holistic supports and classes I offer come into play. These supports are key to maintaining harmony and balance as you move through your personal ascension journey.

Moving forward, I will continue to offer:

  • Individual Sessions
  • My handcrafted products (available in person and through my online shop)
  • My blog posts (found on my website and through my newsletter)
  • In person Classes

Exciting new additions:

  • Soul Song Art (my original mixed media art pieces for purchase)
  • Individual Soul Song Portraits (channeled watercolor portrait which includes your individual soul song, light language, and light codes. Available locally and remotely)
  • Light language and Light code energy work and channelings (to be added to the plethora of energy work and supports I offer in session with clients)
  • A new Website, YouTube Channel, Facebook page, and Instagram (where I plan to share a lot of information through light language channelings, monthly group card readings, magical witchy teachings, tutorials, vlog posts, and personal stories of experience)

My new website will launch on January 21st. Keep an eye out for my January newsletter under the new name of Soul Song Healing Guidance. That newsletter will provide you with all the new social media links and the new website link.
Wishing you and your loved ones a holiday season filled with peace and joy, Rev. Ann Rene (aka Annie the Rainbow Witch)

Rev Ann Rene

About the author

I am a holistic healing practitioner, spiritual minister, and teacher who holds a broad spectrum of certifications and training in alternative as well as traditional healing therapies. I have traveled the world extensively studying wise woman healing techniques, energy medicine, shamanism, witchcraft, indigenous spirituality, and esoteric teachings. Soul Song Healing Guidance is the name of my healing and teaching practice. I have spent over thirty years empowering beautiful souls through heart centered energetic holistic healing support, intuitive guidance, and spiritual counsel. Additionally, I offer extremely unique handcrafted artesian metaphysical products, original artwork, classes, and individual healing sessions.
In Peace and Love,

Rev Ann Rene

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