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How will you Celebrate Summer Solstice?

The summer solstice begins in the northern hemisphere on the evening of Saturday June 20th. Traditionally this is a time spent celebrating the energy of the longest day and shortest night of the year. The summer solstice embodies the energies of spiritual growth, love, healing, vitality, abundance, potential, and an expanded light consciousness. These energies open the door to a deeper connection and understanding of your internal light of being.


Observing the summer solstice is a powerful reminder of how deeply connected we all are to the cycles and rhythms of nature. This connection, whether acknowledged or not, greatly affects you. A strong nature connection enriches your life experience, healing journey, and greatly supports a calm state of being. This connection also enhances your spiritual growth potential, supports energetic harmony, is deeply nourishing, and facilitates a grounded state of being.

Stonehenge Watercolor-by Rev Ann Rene

Stonehenge Watercolor-by Rev Ann Rene

Additionally, the summer solstice affords the perfect time to reflect upon your blessings and the abundance you presently have in your life. It is also important to take a moment to hold and extend a deep sense of gratitude to the earth. For she is the great mother who provides all we need to sustain our life in a state of health, harmony, and well-being.

Finally, when you consciously observe the cycles of nature through ceremony and ritual, you are then able to interact with these potent energies from an empowered space of being. Therefore, ritual and ceremony are perfect tools that help you acknowledge and connect with the energy of events like the summer solstice. They create the perfect bridge of opportunity for you to drink in the energy of the moment and enhance your spiritual growth and healing.

Here are some simple ways to acknowledge and celebrate the summer solstice:

  • Create a spiral or circle out in nature using flowers and small rocks. Sit in the center and spend some time meditating or mindfully reflecting. What has brought you closer to your light consciousness within? What has pulled you farther away?
  • Create a gratitude list. What abundance are you experiencing in your life right now? What are you grateful for?
  • Set spiritual growth goals. What spiritual growth seeds would you like to plant? How can you expand your light consciousness? What new steps are needed to support your goals?
  • Light a candle. As you gaze at the flame, reflect upon, and engage in some unedited journaling. Where have you grown in your life over the past year? What has supported your spiritual growth? What has inhibited your spiritual growth? Finish by spending some time drumming.
  • Create a summer solstice bath. Gather fresh rose petals and add them to your bath. As you soak in the tub, breathe into your heart space, and center yourself in the essence of your light consciousness.
  • Watch the live feed for the summer solstice event at Stonehenge. Visit the English Heritage Facebook page for more information and a link to the event.

No matter how you choose to spend your summer solstice this year, may you find peace, comfort, and joy in these beautiful healing energies. 

Rev Ann Rene

About the author

I am a holistic healing practitioner, spiritual minister, and teacher who holds a broad spectrum of certifications and training in alternative as well as traditional healing therapies. I have traveled the world extensively studying wise woman healing techniques, energy medicine, shamanism, witchcraft, indigenous spirituality, and esoteric teachings. Soul Song Healing Guidance is the name of my healing and teaching practice. I have spent over thirty years empowering beautiful souls through heart centered energetic holistic healing support, intuitive guidance, and spiritual counsel. Additionally, I offer extremely unique handcrafted artesian metaphysical products, original artwork, classes, and individual healing sessions.
In Peace and Love,

Rev Ann Rene

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