August 22

Keeping Your Environment Energetically Clean and Clear

The places and spaces you live and work in have a direct impact upon your energetic sense of well-being. Your environment absorbs, holds, and emanates energies. When unwanted energies fill a space, it is important to clear them out, so they do not cause issues such as confusion, chaos, and imbalance. When a space is not cleared on a regular basis, energies pool and can feed energetic, emotional, and intuitive upset and disharmony. These energies directly affect your health, emotions, intuition, and sense of well-being.


Regular energetic cleansing of the spaces you spend the most time in supports a sense of calm and clarity. I suggest environmental clearing at least once a month. It is particularly important to do additional clearing after gatherings, arguments, or any other situations that tend to leave unwanted energies behind.

Begin the clearing process by physically cleaning and decluttering the space. Open all windows, doors, drawers, and cabinets. In doing so you create the energetic movement necessary to clear out all unwanted energies fully and completely. Next, place one teaspoon of sea salt in an empty spray bottle. Add enough water to fill the bottle. Shake the bottle to mix the salt and water. To clear a space or room, begin at its entrance. Walk in a counterclockwise direction around the perimeter of the space as you spray the sea salt water. As you do so, visualize all unwanted energy flowing out of the space and down into the center of the Earth. Once this is complete, retrace your steps, walking in a clockwise direction as you set the intention that only love and light remain in the space. You’re done! Yes, it really is that easy.

After your clearing is complete it is very helpful to place certain stones in the environment that help support a clean, grounded, and protected space. Black tourmaline is one of the most powerful grounding stones available. Placing black tourmaline in the four corners of a space after it has been cleared anchors the space in a potent grounded protective bubble. The additional placement of blue or green calcite anywhere in a cleared space is particularly helpful in maintaining an energetically clean environment. Calcite facilitates the release of negativity and assists in breaking up and washing away unwanted energies. Pyrite is a powerful cleansing stone that also creates a strong shield of protection. Placing pyrite anywhere in your environment supports the clearing away of energetic density, grounding it down to the core of Mother Earth, where it is energetically transmuted. Pyrite also assists in shielding your environment from any and all unwanted energy. 

Rev Ann Rene

About the author

I am a holistic healing practitioner, spiritual minister, and teacher who holds a broad spectrum of certifications and training in alternative as well as traditional healing therapies. I have traveled the world extensively studying wise woman healing techniques, energy medicine, shamanism, witchcraft, indigenous spirituality, and esoteric teachings. Soul Song Healing Guidance is the name of my healing and teaching practice. I have spent over thirty years empowering beautiful souls through heart centered energetic holistic healing support, intuitive guidance, and spiritual counsel. Additionally, I offer extremely unique handcrafted artesian metaphysical products, original artwork, classes, and individual healing sessions.
In Peace and Love,

Rev Ann Rene

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