Animal Spirit Medicine


Animal Spirit Medicine is a culmination of expertise and observances Reverend Ann Rene has made over three decades of working with the powerful healing attributes of animal spirit guides, both personally and professionally.  An animal’s characteristics and living environment act as symbols of the therapeutic support and guidance they offer within the physical world.  The spirit and energy of the animal is translated and understood through this symbolic wisdom—this is known as animal spirit medicine.  Animal guide exploration provides an accessible avenue into building and maintaining a sacred relationship with the spiritual essence of animals.

This type of bond affords a tremendous sense of nurturing guidance along your life path.  Getting to know these beautiful beings is a life enriching experience that brings in a sense of hope and connection.  Animal Spirit Medicine is packed full of inspirational information and helpful exercises which assist you in experiencing the incredible world of animal spirit medicine.  This beautiful book acts as a potent healing helper that guides you through a multitude of unique and creative ways to effectively and easily connect with your animal spirit guides.  Additionally, you will learn how to build a powerful relationship with these remarkable allies as you explore individual attributes of numerous animals through detailed descriptions, affirmations, and animal spirit portraits.

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