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Crystal and Gemstone Spirit Medicine Cards


Crystal and Gemstone Spirit Medicine Oracle Cards are a culmination of expertise and observances Rev. Ann Rene has made over two and a half decades of working with these powerful healing allies both personally and professionally.  Rocks, crystals, and gemstones have been used in a therapeutic capacity for thousands of years and within many healing traditions, for protection, carried as talismans and amulets, used in sacred ceremony, and ritual.  The history of humankind tapping into the remarkable beneficial attributes of crystals and gemstones is rich and lengthy.  This is no surprise as each one of these amazing restorative allies offers their own individual and unique energetic medicine, wisdom, and holistic support.  The Crystal and Gemstone Spirit Medicine Oracle was created by Rev. Ann Rene to provide an easy to use bridge into the powerful healing world of the mineral realm.  This gorgeous oracle offers a way to easily connect with, explore, and get to know crystal and gemstone spirit medicine on a deeper level.  These beautiful cards detail the core therapeutic attributes of 32 individual stones and crystals.  You will find detailed instructions, photographs, and affirmations for each stone or crystal to guide you into a deeper connection with these magnificent allies.  Learn how to use your oracle for healing support, intuitive divination, and to ask for guidance around specific issues or questions.  This gorgeous oracle is packed full of information and soothing wisdom.

Weight17 oz
Dimensions9 × 12 × 3 in