Empowerment Amulet Bag


Empowerment amulet bag is a potent combination of stones and crystals that support empowerment on all levels.  These amazing healing allies encourage healthy boundaries and assist you in the ability to stand firmly in your own power, facilitating the ability to say “no”. Empowerment amulet bag teaches you to trust your gut level intuition and carries a playful vibrant frequency that helps you overcome fear and remember the sweet joy and passion in life.  Tremendous support is also provided in connecting with, and processing, your feelings in a productive manner.  This beautiful amulet bag softly coaxes you back into your physical body, asking you to remember the body as safe and sacred within the present moment.  Protective and grounding healing helpers come together to create a sense of self-trust which encourages you to stand strong within the essence of your inner divine feminine goddess.

Weight17 oz
Dimensions9 × 12 × 3 in