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Five Directions Oracle Card Deck


The Five Directions Oracle Card Deck was created by Rev. Ann Rene to facilitate a journey of transformation.  When you address and honor the five directions within any healing journey, the energy of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are greatly impacted and tremendous energetic shifts are possible.  Utilizing the five directions in a balanced and harmonious manner within any healing process, be it personal or professional, provides a powerful and restorative space of support.  When you take the time each day to genuinely and deeply connect with the elemental energies of the five directions, great shifts become possible as a sacred space of healing is created.  Each oracle deck includes 65 cards, informative aspects about the five directions, positive affirmations, and detailed instructions.  This powerful oracle incorporates 60 affirmation cards which embody the essence of each of the five directions.  These potent cards may be used to energetically balance your personal energy field, living environment, or workspace.  The Five Directions Oracle is also an effective divination tool that supports and encourages your intuitive connection.  All you must do is ask for guidance and let the cards to the rest!

Weight22 oz
Dimensions9 × 12 × 3 in