Healing Practitioner Support

Empowered Goddess - Rev Ann Rene - Healing Practitioner Support and Mentorship Session

One of Rev. Ann Rene’s areas of expertise is working with other female healing arts practitioners. She provides custom support sessions and individual mentorships to women who work in the healing arts and helping professions. Whether you are a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, nurse, doctor, massage therapist, herbalist, energy practitioner, naturopath, acupuncturist, or other healing arts professional, Rev. Ann Rene provides individualized and custom assistance and guidance.

We could all use some support now and then, particularly those of us who work in the healing arts and helping professions.  We truly are unique individuals who tend to passionately pour our hearts and souls into our work.  For this very reason reaching out regularly for self-support is so important in replenishing your own well.  Taking care of yourself helps prevent burn out and maintain clarity on all levels.

Rev. Ann Rene provides empowering personal healing support through numerous modalities and advanced energy work tailored specifically for the healing arts professional. If you are feeling burnt out, struggling with a challenging client, feel as if you take on your client’s energy or issues during sessions, or in need of personal healing support, Rev. Ann Rene can help.

It is imperative to your health and well-being as a practitioner that you have the proper professional tools that assist you in staying clear and grounded throughout every client session. During each Healing Practitioner and Mentorship Session, Rev. Ann Rene relays powerful and potent professional practitioner specific tools and suggestions.  She may also assist you in problem solving as she relays custom heart centered support during each session.

Rev. Ann Rene has decades of experience supporting and mentoring other female healing arts practitioners.  She has facilitated the personal and professional healing journey of hundreds of practitioners.

Each hour long session is $65