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Light Language - Healing for Gaia

What is Light Language?

Light language is a form of energetic communication within the universe of which there are many dialects. When these frequencies of light are channeled within the earthly realm, they express as various vocalizations, written symbols, artwork, codes, tones, song, body movements, or hand gestures.

The light languages embody the pure essence of love and hold an extremely high energetic vibration. These powerful energies are deeply healing and a catalyst to growth, holistic balance, enlightenment, and the ascension process.

What is a Light Language Healing?

I channel the powerful energies of the language of light and am a conduit for these potent healing frequencies. A flow of healing energy is directed from the upper realms and then transmitted into your auric field. The energy of the language of light then flows into the places and spaces most beneficial to your current state of being and your highest good. Your entire auric field is bathed in the transformative energetic essences of love and Source.

Light Language Sample

My light language energy healing modality facilitates your spiritual growth, enlightenment, empowerment, intuitive expansion, and the ascension process. Receiving these channeled transmissions raises your energetic frequency to a higher vibratory state of being. These potent energies also work to clear your auric field, bringing in energetic balance and harmony on all levels. Additionally, light language energy work is a catalyst in shifting your DNA which is key to the ascension process. This helps to align your physical body with your crystalline body. Many times, recipients experience a state of remembrance, a recall of past life information, a sudden feeling of connection to All that is, a deep and compelling sense of energetic unity, and a sense of being bathed in the essences of pure love and light. There may also be a powerful sense of coming home.

I translate the light languages on your behalf through hand movements, spoken word, light code, art, and potent energy work. Additionally, I collaborate with your guides and the upper realms of being to channel the best possible support needed within the current moment. Your light language healing session may include hand movements, tapping, toning, chanting, vocalizations, or laying on of hands. Light language is taken in through your heart, not your mind. Therefore, when receiving these energies, it is best to be grounded and centered in your spiritual heart. The effects of your light language session will continue to positively work on you as long as it serves your highest good and healing journey.

You may choose to have a visual representation of your personal light language codes that come through during your session time. I offer this opportunity through my original ink drawings or acrylic paintings. Both original pieces of art, created during your session time, are suitable for framing. This is a very powerful addition to your home healing support, as there is no time limit to the light codes you receive during your light language session. Gazing upon your light code art piece during meditation or self-reflection time provides strong continued healing support and is a fabulous addition to any spiritual practice. The energy of your light code art piece also positively effects the energy of your environment and your auric field on a daily basis. Placing your light code art piece within your environment creates a continued energetic clearing, raises the vibratory frequency of the space, and calls in the beautiful energies of love, light, harmony, joy, and peace.

You have choices! Pick the best fit for you.

  • Light Language energy healing session - $65
  • Light Language energy healing session plus a 6 by 11 inch Light Language ink drawing - $70
  • Light Language energy healing session plus an 18 by 24 inch Light Language acrylic painting - $85