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Awakening the Heart Song of Your Soul

The song of your soul is the unique energetic encoding of your heart. The frequencies of which speak directly to the individual pure essence of your spiritual being. Receiving your soul song activates remembrance of your true and authentic self. This deeply healing experience accelerates the ascension process, energetically repatterns your DNA, and directly connects you with your crystalline light body.

Your soul song and your light codes are as individual to you as your fingerprints.  They are the energetic imprinting that resides within your DNA.  These codes of light activate a long-forgotten part of yourself, your authentic self, and the truth of who you are.  They assist you in remembering your purpose here on earth and the gifts you have to share while experiencing physical incarnation.  These codes are deeply healing and a catalyst to energetic shifts within your DNA strands.  Your individual light codes and soul song are encoded with the energy of remembrance, calling your soul back home to the truth of who you are.

 Additionally, receiving your soul song raises the vibration of your auric field, clears density, encourages your spiritual evolution, is deeply healing on all levels, enhances the development of your clairsenses, enables a deep and rich connection with your spirit guides, opens up a direct connection to spirit and the universe, and centers you into your spiritual heart.

As I create your soul song portrait, I channel your individual and unique light language and energetic encoding from the upper realms of being on your behalf. The light languages are the pure essence of love and hold an extremely high energetic vibration. These powerful energies are deeply healing and a catalyst to growth, enlightenment, and the ascension process. As I channel, I directly connect with Spirit. From this energetic space of pure love and light, a conscious stream of information flows in which I connect directly with the song of your soul and your attunement activation codes.

Your soul song portrait is an original piece of art created using watercolors, ground gemstones, and energetic essences. As I channel and lovingly craft your portrait, it is infused with the powerful pure essence of your individual soul song and light codes.  With each portrait you also receive a video of your individual soul song, light language, and a written document containing your light codes.

Time does not exist in the other worldly realms of light and therefore, the codes and light language you receive have no expiration.  They will continue to ripple healing energies of ascension and enlightenment into your personal energy field endlessly. You may therefore use your codes again and again. You may do so by gazing upon your soul song portrait during meditation or self-reflection time or by viewing and listening to your light language video daily.

Each Soul Song Portrait is $200 and includes your channeled 18” by 24” watercolor portrait, video of your soul song and light language, written document containing your light codes, shipping, packaging, and sales tax.  Soul song portraits are available remotely or locally.

Clients React to Their Portrait


My soul song portrait resonated with me differently than a regular reading. It was like you were in my soul. The portrait and symbols felt like medicine. Deeply. Deep medicine. Like it goes to the cells and DNA. There is so much light coming through. Every time I look at my portrait and the symbols it’s like Reiki but different. Like these are just for me. The symbols are like my special codes. The artwork is amazing. It’s interesting, the colors and the light circles, it captures me and my essence. It’s beautiful. And something I’ve never experienced before. I’ve had so many sessions and readings from so many. This is different. This resonates into my body and soul. It’s like I will carry it with me always. The symbol’s imprint. And it is my soul song. You see it very clear. It’s like a crystal-clear ocean. Where you can see everything. This is so powerful. This is powerful work Ann. When I first saw it, I immediately got goosebumps and was deeply touched. This work is on a whole different level.

Chris's Soul Song Portrait


I was blown away by the Soul Song Portrait that Rev Ann Rene lovingly created for me! The portrait itself is GORGEOUS, large and suitable for framing (which mine definitely will be!). The 2-page description of what the portrait and symbology means is a bit like a personal astrological star chart (but BETTER). It is uniquely and specifically ME! The information Rev Ann channeled from the Ancient Ones was SO helpful in guiding and focusing my creative energies right now. I now have a more clear and defined direction and purpose moving into 2023. I can’t recommend this service more highly and I guarantee you will LOVE the unique, creative, artistic, and GORGEOUS portrait you will receive for Rev Ann!

Jeffrey's Soul Song Portrait