November 18

The Healing Power of Dreamtime

“The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind.”
-Sigmund Freud

Why are your dreams important?

Questions about dreamtime and dream interpretation come up on a regular basis during my individual healing consultations, classes, and retreats. Understanding your dreams is an important piece within the healing process. During dreamtime we receive messages from our subconscious.


Therefore our dreamtime gives key information about what is really going on with us at a deep holistic level. Our dreams honestly drop us down into the truth of our deepest wounding, hopes, fears, and desires. Your dreams can act as a light shining in the darkness, providing key clues as to what needs your healing attention. 

How do you interpret your dreams? 

Dream interpretation does not have to be a convoluted complex process. In fact, over-thinking and over-analyzing your dreams can block access to some pretty important healing gems. I suggest approaching connection with your dreams from an intuitive, open, non-pushing space. Dream interpretation is similar to the meditation process, in that as soon as you try to push or force dream interpretation, what you are trying to access will slip away.

Because we are all human beings there are generalizations that can be made about dream interpretation. Yet, at the end of the day, you must always remember, your dreams are messages from your subconscious. Therefore, when looking to reach deeper into your dreamtime, you look to your own very personal meaning and symbology. For example, if a person, place, animal, symbol or color is prominent within a dream you are trying to interpret, ask yourself, without thinking or editing—what is the first thing that pops into your head when you think of that person, place, animal, symbol or color? It is also extremely helpful to make note of any emotions, themes, or patterns you notice. 

The Tools 

Suggestions in making the most out of your dreamtime:

  • Keep a dream journal. Keep a journal, pen, and reading light next to your bed. As soon as you begin to wake up, moving as little as possible, write down or draw anything you remember about your dreams. The more you move around and awaken, the less you will remember.
  • Get enough sleep. You need an average of 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. This not only gives your body and mind time to rest and heal, it also gives you enough time to cycle deeply into dreamtime.
  • Herbs that support dreaming and dream recall: hop flowers (Humulus lupulus), jasmine flowers (Jasminum officinale), sweet marjoram (Origanum majorana), spearmint in small amounts (Mentha spicata), and mugwort in small amounts (Aremisia vulgaris). Any of these herbs are great in a dream sachet, dream pillow, or tea.
  • Tuck a dream sachet into your pillow case.

Instructions for making your own dream sachet:

Gather all your supplies.

Empowered Goddess -Dream Sachet

You will need a small draw string mesh bag approximately 3 by 4 inches in size and ¼ to ½ cup dried herbs of your choice (you can reference the herbs listed above for ideas). 

Gently stuff all your dried herbs into your mesh draw string bag.

Place your dream sachet into your pillow case.

Just before you go to sleep each night, pull out your dream sachet, and gently squeeze it as you hold it near your nostrils. Deeply inhale the aroma of the dried herbs. Then put it back into your pillow case. You will know it is time to replace the herbs in your dream sachet when they lose their fragrant aroma.
The next time you feel stuck or stagnant along your healing journey consider some dream work. It just might be the perfect support to get things moving again.

Rev Ann Rene

About the author

I am a holistic healing practitioner, spiritual minister, and teacher who holds a broad spectrum of certifications and training in alternative as well as traditional healing therapies. I have traveled the world extensively studying wise woman healing techniques, energy medicine, shamanism, witchcraft, indigenous spirituality, and esoteric teachings. Soul Song Healing Guidance is the name of my healing and teaching practice. I have spent over thirty years empowering beautiful souls through heart centered energetic holistic healing support, intuitive guidance, and spiritual counsel. Additionally, I offer extremely unique handcrafted artesian metaphysical products, original artwork, classes, and individual healing sessions.
In Peace and Love,

Rev Ann Rene

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